First label in 2003

Alfiero Boffa:

Ombra del Ciliegio is a blend of barbera, dolcetto, freisa and pinot nero.Design – Ombra del ciliegio My idea was to recreate the typical piedmontese wine from the period before the phylloxera.

At that time you rarely saw vineyards with just one type of grapes, usually you would find different varieties chosen by the farmer according to his personal taste.

Ombra del Ciliegio remains in tonneaux for a short while and then 6 months in the bottle before it is sent on the market.

I have called the wine Ombra del Ciliegio (“Shadow of the cherry-tree”) because it reminds me of my grandfather Giuseppe.

I can still see him there, pulling the bucket from the well, but not to drink water. In the bucket there was a big bottle of cool wine from which he would permit himself to take a sip from time to time – in the shadow of the cherry-tree.

A short rest, a frugal refreshment, some cherries, a white fig, a couple of walnuts. Not far from the cherry-tree an enormous rosemary-bush sent its invigorating flavour all over the vineyard. Maybe my interest in wine was born in that small oasis.

Wine always has been and always will be the great passion of my life.

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