Prima etichetta 2003

Alfiero Boffa: Gran Buchet


Gran Buchet is made from the first drip of 100 % pinot noir grapes.

After the crushing and de-stemming, the grapes are left for about an hour to drip off without being pressed. In this way we obtain 50 % of the product. The rest goes into the press and is destined to make part of the blend of Ombra del Ciliegio.

The vineyard Le Crôte (exclusively pinot noir grapes) was planted in 1995 for practical reasons. Its north-west exposure isn´t suitable for high quality Barbera.

In the nineties, I began selecting certain vineyards for my Barbera wines in order to be able to produce the crus that I’m actually offering.

Then I rooted out the barbera vines on Le Crôte and planted 10 different clones of pinot noir, because in my opinion this variety finds its best terroir in this exposure.

Until 2002 I produced only Spumante classico Crôte d’Oro from these grapes, but the year after I started producing also a rosé which has given surprising and encouraging results.

What wine guides say

2008: Extremely delicious wine. Coral colour, inviting flavours of wild strawberries and white pepper. Warm and robust, tasty and fine. (Duemilavini)

2007: Coral colour. Very pleasant (raspberry, red currant, pepper, roses). Unusually (for a rosé) full-bodied and with a vibrant harmony. A real and true wine that goes beyond the actual rosé-fashion. (Duemilavini)

2006: Neat and clean, delicious strawberries and white pepper, smooth, refreshing acidity, very pleasant, with a long finish. A wine to drink when you are thirsty in the summertime. (Duemilavini)

2005: Very neat and harmonious. Brilliant cherry red colour, clean scent of red berries, hints of menthol and spices. Fine and persistent taste. (I vini rosati del Gambero Rosso)

2004: A rosé wine with firm texture. Brilliant cherry red colour, rich and delicious palate with mature sour cherries and sweet spices. (I vini rosati del Gambero Rosso)

2003: Fine scent of raspberry, face powder and roses. Nice texture, fresh and harmonious, hints of very pleasant tannin and sweet liquorice. (Duemilavini)

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